What does Mighty Sports Travel do?
We make sports travel easy and affordable. We provide concierge travel service to our clients, sports tournament operators and travel teams, to elevate the experience for the athletes and fans who are attending events. We are different than other travel agents since we have live people to help you with your room reservations. It costs you nothing, AND we have GREAT discounted quality hotel relationships.

How did Mighty Sports Travel begin?
We realize travel teams need to make hotel reservations often. Mighty Sports Travel is here to handle your travel arrangements with ease and at a greater discount than the consumer can find online. Most of our discounts range from 5% to 22% off online rates.

How do I get the hotel discounts?
You can call 336-940-7348, text, email Myra@MIghtySportsTravel.com , or fill out the "Special Booking Request" form under the event you choose,  and we will provide a list of discounted hotels to you.

What if the hotel where I want to stay is not on the list?
You can simply call/text 336-940-7348 or email Myra@MIghtySportsTravel.com and we will find the best rate and provide easy booking for you.

Do I have to pay when I register?
Most of the hotels that we work with do not require a deposit to make a reservation. It is important to understand the hotel deposit and cancellation policy. As long as you cancel within the time period that is specific to each hotel, you will not be charged.

What is the benefit of registering early?
Most of the time there is a limited quantity of discounted rooms that a hotel will provide. The cutoff date that is listed on our website, under each hotel, is the agreed date that the hotel will honor the rates. After the cutoff date, we are still able to assist you, and the best discounted rates are achieved prior to the cutoff.

How does Mighty Sports Travel and each Organization work together?
Mighty Sports Travel's promise is to provide each organization the same level of custom elite experience to the athletes and fans ‘off the field in their travels’ to bolster the experience that each organization provides to the athletes and fans throughout the events.

How much does Mighty Sports charge me?
Nothing. Hotels pay our commissions as they do for all room nights they book. We provide an extra level of concierge service that surpasses other travel agents.

What if I need to change my hotel registration?
The easiest way to make changes is to call your hotel direct as you will receive a confirmation once you make your reservation. We are also happy to assist in any of your changes.

How do I book my hotel arrangements?
You simply choose the event date & hotel of your choice and the link provides a secure booking directly to the hotel. We do not handle your personal credit card information. Your discount is already secured. If you do not see the hotel of your choice you can contact us by calling, e-mail, or text and we will work with you on the hotel that you would like to stay. Sometimes guest do prefer for us to make the travel arrangements with your personal information. We do have a secure program for protecting your information.

How do I get the list of discounted hotels?
You can simply go to mightysportstravel.com and click on the Organization tab, select the Organization group you are registered with and the date of the event you are attending. You can also call 336-940-7348, text, email Myra@MIghtySportsTravel.com . We are here to help!

When should I make my reservation?
You should make your reservations with the hotel as soon as you register for the event to achieve the best discounts. Most hotels require a credit card to make the reservation, but will not charge the card unless you do not cancel within the cancellation period. Each hotel has their own policy.

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